Copyright & Trademark

Our lawyers have handled a full range of copyright and trademark related transactions, and have extensive in-house experience in the entertainment industry. We utilize our experience to advise clients on a broad range of issues relating to their intellectual property. We help our clients to protect their creative assets and maximize returns on their hard work and investment.

Our attorneys regularly assist in the registration and enforcement of copyrights, and counsel clients on their intellectual property strategy, including obtaining and maintaining intellectual property protection, litigation avoidance and licensing.

Our copyright services include the following:
  • Filing applications to register copyrightable works such as music, art, poetry, books and other original works of authorship
  • Sending cease and desist letters
  • Preparing and negotiating licenses
  • Litigating copyright claims
Our trademark services include the following:
  • Providing strategic trademark advice
  • Assisting with trademark applications and maintenance
  • Preparing and negotiating licenses
  • Litigating infringement claims